Juicing Wheatgrass At Home

This brings me to the next tip. Only eat raw desserts. They taste so good, so why even bother with fatty gluten, sugar, and dairy filled desserts? You could have a much healthier version without scarifying taste! There are many raw recipe books these days dedicated to only raw desserts and there are many living food restaurants and caterers from whom you can purchase raw pies and cakes for holidays and special events.

Visit your local juice bar for Wheatgrass Powder, vegetable juices, and you can ask them to make you a "just fruit" smoothie. If available, they will even add leafy greens to your smoothie to make you a green smoothie.


Whatever option you choose to enjoy wheatgrass juice, the benefits to your health are plentiful. Dating back to the late 1960's, wheatgrass has been touted as one of nature's greatest gifts. Studies have classified it as one of the most abundant superfoods known to man. Celebrated, for its nutritional content, wheatgrass has been proven to cleanse and regenerate cells in our bodies. It is easily and effortlessly assimilated in our bodies.

Eating the right foods is the most important way to nourish our bodies. We can easily get into the habit of eating the same foods all the time. It is so important to vary our diets in order to ensure we are getting more of a variety of nutrients.

You can purchase pre-juiced wheatgrass juice in the freezer section of some health food stores. However, use caution when purchasing these products. Many retailers are not permitted to sell unpasteurized wheatgrass juice. However, the process of pasteurization kills all of the nutrients making it worthless as a nutritional supplement.



Whey protein powder shakes. Our bodies need lean protein with every meal (plus fatty oils like fish oil) so that they can metabolize carbs for food. Protein is also essential for building and maintaining muscles, organs, hormones, hemoglobin and antibodies. Whey protein shakes offer an easy, quick source of protein (one of read more the most easily absorbed sources of protein there is) for those who don't always have the time to cook. Also, whey shakes give your diet some tasty variety.

Consuming meat in high quantities is harmful for your body and the environment. Making changes for an environmentally friendly health food diet is a surprisingly excellent way to get on the right track to health. Overall, if you aren't eating enough green products now, start doing so. You will feel better and more energized each day. You will notice a number of improvements in your health and your appearance, and you won't regret the dietary changes.

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